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Rank: Civilian

Duty: Nurse

Race: Ocampan

"There's so much I want to study and learn."

In her three years aboard U.S.S. Voyager, the young Ocampan named Kes experiences more than she ever imagined. Dissatified with the total dependence her people had on their alien caretaker, she journeyed from her underground home to the surface of her world, only to be captured by the brutal Kazon until she is rescued by the Voyager crew. The Ocampa have a life span of only nine years, and so the intensely curious Kes is almost fully grown when she and her lover Neelix join the crew on Voyager's journey through the Delta Quadrant. She quickly finds her place as nurse and apprentice to the starship's holographic doctor, eagerly welcoming every new adventure.

Aboard Voyager, Kes slowly rediscovers the powerful mental abilities that had atrophied in her people. She is tutored by Lieutenant Tuvok in Vulcan mind-control techniques to help her control her talents. Her mentor, the Doctor, provided her with medical training so she can act as a field medic, and she takes up studies in anatomy and physiology.

Kes has many incredible experiences aboard Voyager. She encounters Ocampan colonists living on a space station, who help her tap into her dangerous pyrokinetic abilities, and her body is later possessed by an alien warlord. But as time passes, she feels dissatisfaction and the need for change, and breaks off her relationship with Neelix.

When she comes into telepathic contact with the malevolent Species 8472, Kes begins to exhibit new mental abilities, as the telepathic centers of her brain become hyperstimulated. She develops the ability to see beyond the subatomic level into new levels of reality, where a distinction between matter, energy and thought no longer exists. But she begins to go into a state of celluar flux, as the atomic bonds in her body begin to destabilize. This proves a danger to the ship as well, and in order to protect her shipmates and fully explore her new condition, Kes departs on a shuttle. As her atomic structure completely diffuses, Voyager is suddenly propelled forward 9500 light years. This is Kes' gift to her friends and crewmates -- putting them safely beyond Borg space and 10 years closer to home.

Interesting Facts

Kes was born in 2370, and was one year old when she joined the Voyager crew.

Her father's name was Benarin, and her mother's name is Martis. Benarin died shortly before Kes joined the crew.

Kes' quarters are on Deck 8.

Kes donated a lung to Neelix to save his life.

Kes maintains a hydroponics bay to provide food for the crew, and grows a wide variety of flowers as well.

Kes traveled in time and experienced one possible future for herself, which included marriage to Lieutenant Tom Paris, and a daughter and grandson.

--courtesy of Star Trek Universe

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