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TOO much Fun with the Crew

Mmm, Mmm Good
"Always good to the last drop!"

"How can you resist this adorable little face? And I ain't talking about the puppy!"

This close...
"I was *this* close, Tuvok! Why couldn't you wait just a few more days?"

"How 'bout it, Chakotay? Your place or mine?"
Whaddya think?

Rough Day
"I'm hot.
I'm tired.
I'm dirty.
And all they give me is this damn necklace!"

"And here is our bridge...sorry for the clutter. We're remodeling."
It's a fixer-upper!

Solitaire Blues
"DAMN! Where is that ace of spades when you need it? Freecell is much better!"

"Tuvok! You're ALWAYS interrupting! GO AWAY!"
Just when you thought it was safe...

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