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Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, but I borrow them occasionally to let them have fun!

Summary:A shuttle accident strands the command they can finally be alone...can't they?!?


Making Waves

"I hope you're happy, Commander," Kathryn commented sarcastically, resting her palm against her throbbing and soon-to-be-bruised forehead.

"Happy? About what?" Chakotay groaned miserably as he reached for the med-kit.

"This marks the tenth shuttle you've managed to destroy since we got to the Delta Quadrant. Why, I would say that's a milestone!"

"Haha...very funny. In fact, I'd laugh if I didn't think it would hurt," he replied, removing a medical tricorder. "Now hold still. I need to make sure you don't have concussion."

She leaned back as he began to slowly scan her. Throughout the process, Chakotay mumbled a few curious comments, then started scratching his chin. "Interesting..."

"Well...what's the verdict?" she asked as he closed the tricorder.

"Bad're gonna live!" he teased, quickly dodging her fist.

"Now who's being funny!" Kathryn closed her eyes as another jolt of pain shot through her head. Chakotay loaded a hypospray and injected it into her neck.

"Here, this will ease your pain."

She slowly opened her eyes and looked in his direction. Her evil grin returned. "It's not working. You're still here!"

Chakotay couldn't resist a laugh as he gave himself the same treatment. He could feel the pain reliever working instantly, and his aches began to subside. "The joys of modern medicine," he sighed, relaxing back into his seat.

"Too bad it won't work on this shuttle," Kathryn stated wryly as she stumbled out of her seat to open the hatch. Bright sunlight flooded the cockpit, causing Chakotay to cover his eyes.

"Did you have to do that?" he asked, rising to follow her outside.

"We have to see what damage you...I mean...the ion storm caused," she remarked, starting her examination of the hull of the shuttle.

Chakotay grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. "Don't you want me to fix up your bumps and bruises? Or should I just kiss them and make them better?"

Kathryn began to giggle. "Such things you say, Commander...but we'll have plenty of time for that later. We'd better contact Voyager"

"Commander, we're receiving a message from the Captain."

"On screen," Tuvok ordered the young ensign. Captain Janeway appeared on the viewscreen, the background in disarray.

"Tuvok, I wanted to inform you that we won't be able to meet you at the prearranged coordinates tomorrow, as we encountered an ion storm and were forced to land, so to speak, on a nearby planet."

"In other words, Chakotay crashed another shuttle," Tom muttered, receiving a few chuckles from around the Bridge. Tuvok cleared his throat in disapproval as the Captain continued.

"Rest assured, both the Commander and myself received only minor injuries, and we have already begun some repairs on the shuttle. I want you to proceed with the mission to Mar'ga, and return for us once you are done there. We have made some preliminary sensor sweeps and detect no danger on the planet, so we should be fine until you get here. Our coordinates are attached. See you in a few days. Janeway out."

Harry cleared the message and downloaded the coordinates to his station. "Coordinates received, sir."

"Very well. Send them to Lt. Paris' station, then prepare a message for Ambassador Taegar, informing him that we have been delayed."

"Sir?" Harry asked, quite confused.

"We're going to assist the Captain and Commander first...there may be dangers which they are unable to detect due to damaged sensor equipment. There is also a risk of them being detected by a passing ship. At most, it will be a one day delay, and I am certain that the Ambassador will understand."

Tom and Harry exchanged looks as Tuvok took his seat. Shrugging his shoulders, Tom entered the coordinates and awaited Tuvok's command to proceed, feeling glad that he wouldn't have to be the one to face Captain Janeway once they reached the planet.

A few hours later, Kathryn found herself seated by the lake she discovered during her earlier ventures. Sweat trickled down her neck and back as the heat began to get the best of her. She had tossed aside her jacket earlier, and now that a cool breeze had kicked in, she stood to welcome its refreshment. Anything to counteract the sultry conditions on the otherwise pleasant planet. She heard something shuffling behind her and she spun around on her heel.

"Well!" she gasped, as Chakotay approached, wearing only his Starfleet trousers. His bronzed chest was glistening with sweat, an indication to his labors in repairing the shuttle. Kathryn sauntered over to him, a wicked smile playing across her lips.

"If you're trying to make me swoon, Commander," she said, collapsing into his arms, "then it's working."

He chuckled, gently kissing her lips. "So you like my idea for the new and improved Starfleet uniform?"

"'s quite impressive."

"Hmm...I'm not so sure. If it's going to cause every female on the ship to constantly require medical you apparently do now...then maybe I should reconsider its design."

"I certainly don't have a problem with it...but maybe it should only be worn off-duty...or better yet, why don't you just wear it *off*..." she purred, running a finger along the waistband of his pants.

"Now, now, Captain...we'd better be careful. You never know when Voyager will show up."

Kathryn blew off his comment. "What's there to worry about? You heard what I told Tuvok. We'll be here alone for at least another day...maybe two."

"That may be true...but he *has* been known to disobey orders..."

"You're just chicken," she snickered, tugging her shirt over her head.

"What are you doing?" Chakotay asked, though he had some idea as to what she was up to.

Kathryn gave him another smile, then proceeded to remove the rest of her uniform, leaving on only her Starfleet issue undergarments. She stood before him, scantily clad, then turned and dove headfirst into the lake. She surfaced a few yards away, and turned back towards him.

"This water feels wonderful! You should join me!"

Chakotay had since removed his boots, and was allowing the rippling water to nip at his bare toes. "Do you know how dangerous this water could be? You have no idea what's in there, Kathryn...Kathryn? Kathryn, come up right now!" She had gone under once again, but even though he felt she was only playing tricks with him, he couldn't help but panic.

When he noticed that she appeared to be struggling, he quickly dove in after her, searching for any signs of trouble. On his last trip to the surface, he noticed her peeking out at him. Judging from her eyebrows, he could tell she was grinning.

"That wasn't very funny."

"I had to be sure you'd rescue me. And you needn't worry...I checked the water. There's nothing in here that will hurt you...except for lil' ole me," she answered, batting her eyelashes at him.

"Well, you got that right," he quipped, only to be smacked right in the face with her sogging wet underwear. "This is...but...why have you..."

"Please don't say that you've never gone skinny dipping before!"

Before he could formulate a response, her bra landed on top of his head, and he got a clear shot of her bare bottom as she dove beneath the water. He could feel her grabbing at his pants and he had to struggle to stay afloat as she pulled them from his body.

"Now...that's much better," she said, rising out of the water. Kathryn tossed the pants over to the shore, well out of Chakotay's reach. "Doesn't that feel refreshing?"

Chakotay began to shake his head, swimming towards the shore. " are pushing every limit there is!"

She swam ahead of him, blocking his path, and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Are you telling me that you don't want to do this?" she asked, placing light kisses against his neck. "Because I can tell...that you do!" Kathryn moved her hand down between their wet bodies. "You've never been able to fool me."

A groan of desire escaped him just before he finally claimed her lips.

"I've got their signal, but they're not answering our hail," Harry reported.

"Are you able to detect any life signs?"

"No, sir."

Tuvok never flinched. "Lock on to the signals and beam them directly to Sickbay."

A few moments later, the Doctor hailed the Bridge.

"Mr. Tuvok, I think you'd better come down here."

"Did you just hear something?" Chakotay asked breaking their kiss.

Kathryn shook her head, reattaching their lips as she pushed his body down onto the shoreline.

"What is it, Doctor?" Tuvok asked, stepping into the Sickbay.

"I thought you were beaming me the Captain and the Commander. But this is all I got," he said, pointing over to the biobed. It was two uniform jackets, with the comm badges attached, along with one shirt and two pair of trousers, one of them completely soaked.

"Curious," Tuvok responded as he cocked his eyebrow. "We must send down an away team to attempt to locate them."

Minutes later, Tom, Harry and the Doctor were on the surface, scanning for any signs of their command team. Harry briefly searched over the shuttle, while Tom and the Doctor scanned the nearby brush.

"Over here, I think I hear something," Tom said, moving towards the noise. He pushed the tree branch out of his way, and stopped dead in his tracks. Harry collided with him, wondering what had him spellbound. The Doctor pushed past them and nearly yelped.

Near the water's edge, they found the source of the sounds...and the reason that they were only able to retrieve uniform pieces. There were their commanding officers...caught up in the throes of passion...and completely oblivious to their onlookers.

The trio immediately ducked so that they wouldn't be detected, but none of them could tear their eyes away. Tom reached up and covered Harry's eyes. "I think you're a little too young for this," he quipped.

Harry was lost between laughter and shock. "I...I...don't believe this!"

Kathryn released a barrage of pleasurable moans, intermingled with those coming from Chakotay.

"!" the Doctor stammered, gawking helplessly at their display. "I *never* expected to find this!"

"Wh-what are we going to do?" Harry whispered, eyes still fixed on them.

Tom was amused by the entire situation and made no attempts to hide it. "Now we know why they take so many shuttle missions together," he chuckled as he moved back towards the shuttle. When he noticed that he wasn't being followed, he quickly turned around towards his crewmates. "Hey! Unless you want to remain an ensign for the rest of your life, I suggest that you come with me and just...forget about what you've seen, okay?"

The Doctor and Harry both began to slowly nod their heads and followed close behind Tom.

"But what about Tuvok? What are we going to tell him?" Harry questioned.

Tom stopped, and judging from the look on his face, Harry and the Doctor knew that he was cooking up a scheme. When the grin crept up on Tom's lips, they both realized that they were about to be a party something sinister. Tom pulled them into a huddle.

"Here's what we're gonna to do..."

Kathryn lay down beside Chakotay, feeling her heart pounding heavily in her chest.

"My, my Commander, that was quite a splash!"

"Cute, Kathryn. Real cute!" he replied, leaning over to place more kisses into her wet hair. "But as much as I have enjoyed this activity, I think we should put playtime on hold. There's a lot of work we really should be..."

His words were silenced by her lips, to which Chakotay hungrily responded. He knew that if they didn't stop soon, they would never get anything done. He pulled back, though quite hesitantly. "Kathryn...donít keep trying to tempt meÖ"

" win! But you have to promise me some *quality* time later," she pouted, tracing her fingers across his lips.

"You've got my word on that," he agreed, standing up and helping her to her feet. They began searching for their uniforms.

"Strange...everything should have been right here," Kathryn mumbled, turning around in circles.

"Now, remember...*you* were throwing clothing left and right...maybe our stuff is in the bushes."

"No...everything landed right..." she began, when something shiny caught her eye. Kathryn pushed aside a branch and saw two neatly folded Starfleet uniforms with one PADD lying on top. Kathryn stooped to retrieve the PADD, which was flashing one single word:


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