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Disclaimer: I've taken Paramount's kids for an outing...we'll be back soon.

Summary: Chakotay has received something from the Captain...and everyone wants to know what!

Rating: PG


Sweet Rewards

Chakotay stepped out of the Captain's Ready Room, a smile spreading from ear to ear. Obviously happy, a feature that did not go unnoticed by anyone on the Bridge that morning.

"Nice to see that your meeting went so well, Commander," Tom quipped, quickly making a course correction as he began to snicker.

"It did, as a matter of fact," Chakotay responded, taking his seat. The silence that followed was more than B'Elanna could bear. Realizing that he wasn't going to offer any details, she decided to pry them out of him.

"So...what happened?"

Before Chakotay had a chance to respond, Tuvok interrupted.

"Lieutenant, it is not appropriate for you to request information concerning a private meeting between your commanding officers." His eyebrow raised in curiosity. " might find the answer quite intriguing, given the expression on the Commander's face."

Harry laughed out loud in spite of himself. He...nor anyone else, for that matter...would have expected the stoic Vulcan to join in. Even Chakotay cast him a wondering glance.

"Well, since everyone *must* know, it was just one of our normal meetings, except..."

"Except what?" B'Elanna prodded impatiently.

"It's just that, before I left...she gave me a kiss."

Stunned silence echoed around the Bridge. Every pair of eyes became fixated on the First Officer, such that even a Borg invasion could not have disturbed them. Chakotay looked around, smirking as he was unable to hide his amusement.

"You're lying!" Tom finally remarked, squinting suspiciously at him.

"Of course he is," B'Elanna followed up, returning her attention to her console. "He knows all about your betting pools, and he's just trying to tease you."

"No...really! Captain Janeway really did give me a kiss. She asked me if I wanted one...which of course, I did. So she gave it to me."

Everyone simply stared at him. Chakotay almost felt insulted that no one seemed to believe him. Harry, shaking his head, chimed in, "I'm sorry, Commander. I'm not buying it."

Chakotay eased back into his chair. "Then, why don't you just go ask her for yourself?"

"Hah! Now I KNOW he's lying!" Tom responded, spinning back around. "He would NEVER tell us THAT!"

B'Elanna grinned. "What's the matter, Tom...afraid he might be right?"

Tom squirmed in his seat. "No..."

"Then go in there and ask her, Fly-boy!"

He glared at his wife. He despised it when she called him that...and the way she could so easily push him into things.

"Fine! I will!"

"Come in."

Tom stepped inside the Captain's Ready Room, still not believing that he had allowed himself to be coerced into this. It was crazy. Ludicrous. Insane. Absurd...

"Can I help you?"

He flinched at her voice. "Yeah...I mean...yes, Captain. I ...well..."

Kathryn furrowed her brow. "Are you alright, Lieutenant?"

Tom blushed. "I'm sorry, Captain." He took a deep breath and decided to go through with the plan. "It's just that...when Chakotay came out of here earlier, he said that you had given him a kiss...and I was wondering if..."

She smiled. "You were wondering if it was true."

Tom nodded sheepishly, feeling completely foolish. If anyone had asked him if he would ever ask the Captain about her relationship with Chakotay, he would have scoffed at them. Yet, here he was...

"If you must know, I DID give him a kiss."

Tom did a double take. Did she just say...

"Would you like one too?"

His mouth fell open in utter shock. This was not really happening...or maybe it was just come cruel joke they were playing on him. Could they really have convinced the Captain to play along with something like this? They *did* practically force him to come in here. And she seemed to be undisturbed by the fact that he was outright asking for the information.

In all his distraction, he failed to notice that the Captain was holding out a tray to him, and Tom attempted to keep himself from laughing in her face. On the tray were dozens of neatly wrapped chocolate drops, commonly referred to as "kisses". He offered her a restrained smile.

"Thank you, Captain. I believe I would."

Tom stepped out onto the Bridge, his expression as smug as Chakotay's.

B'Elanna watched him curiously. "What did you find out?"

"Seems the Commander was right all along. She really *did* give him a kiss." Tom held up the piece of candy, and everyone burst into laughter. Chakotay sported a large smile as Tom returned to his seat. Finally, some justice had been served.

Their entertainment was quickly interrupted by Seven's voice over the comm.

"Seven of Nine to the Bridge."

"Chakotay here."

"Commander, I have detected a small nebula about 5 light years from our present location. It appears to contain large quantities of deuterium"

"Great. Send the coordinates to the helm. I'll inform the Captain."

"Come in."

Kathryn giggled as her First Officer strolled into her Ready Room.

"Back for more, I see."

He offered her a large dimpled grin. "I always knew that one kiss from you would never be enough."

She retrieved a single chocolate drop from the tray and removed its wrapping.

"So you'd like to share another one?"

Chakotay pulled Kathryn into his arms as she placed the piece of chocolate between her lips. "But of course," he replied, swooping down to claim his "kiss".

The End

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