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Samantha Drabbles

Drabble-itis is quite's spilled over into my Samantha Series!!! Here's just a few drabbles that came out of my addiction. Hope you like them!

General Disclaimer: Paramount owns Kathryn, Chakotay and the rest of the crew, but Samantha, Tobe and the stories all belong to me!

Havin' A Little Fun
Watch Your Back

Havin' A Little Fun
Rated G
Date Written: 8/31/1999

Commander Chakotay's door chime rang in his office, and he allowed entry for Tobe, Tom and B'Elanna's 4-year-old son.

"Have you seen Samantha?"

Chakotay grinned. Playing an old Earth game.

"Sure haven't," he responded, pointing madly at the couch.

Tobe ran over and hopped onto the couch on both knees, peering over the back. Samantha squealed with delight as she ran for the door, Tobe close behind her. They nearly knocked over Captain Janeway upon leaving, who stopped to watch the pair as they ran down the corridor.

"Hide'n'Seek?" she asked.

"Hide'n'Seek," he laughed, joining her to watch their daughter.

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Watch Your Back
Rated G
Date Written: 9/2/1999

Chakotay walked onto the bridge and quickly took his seat next to the Captain. Restrained chuckles came from behind him. Even Kathryn was snickering.

Turning to face the laughter behind him, he heard more laughter from Tom.

"Commander, my ready room, please," Kathryn managed to say between the giggles.

"Gladly," he responded, following her out.

When the doors closed, she broke into another fit of laughter.

"What is so funny?"

"Next time, make sure Samantha washes her hands before hugging you," she answered, pointing to the small blue handprints on the back of his uniform.

"Especially if she's been fingerpainting!"

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