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Disclaimer: Paramount owns the trademarks, I own the story.

Summary: Chakotay muses while on New Earth (ala "Resolutions"), just before the infamous Legend of the Angry Warrior. Told from Chakotayís POV. Inspired by "In The Morning Light", composed by Yanni.


In The Morning Light

I hear her rise from her bed and leave our shelter. She loves to take walks in the early morning light. I go and watch her from the window, hidden from her sight. The light dances through her long hair, tones of red and orange, giving it a fiery glow. She looks so lovely and peaceful. She stretches, reviving herself from a long nightís sleep. I smile as she walks towards her vegetable garden, the one she has been working so hard to tend to. She stoops to check the plants, caring for each one as if they were her children. Then she stands up again, ready to face another day on her new home. Our home.

She makes her way towards the river, as I continue my watch over her. Taking in the morning breeze as she goes to refresh her face with the cool waters. She looks up into the trees, listening to the breeze move the branches quietly. How I long to follow her. To tell her how beautiful she looks with the morning light playing across her features. She crosses her arms in front of her, and then strolls out of my sight.

I have breakfast prepared when she returns. She enjoys the meals I prepare for her. At least, I think so. She never complains. I watch her as she eats, chewing slowly, pleasuring in the sweet flavors of the fresh fruit. A ray of sunshine catches her eyes, and they shine their brilliant blue as she glances back at me. She offers me a smile. I smile back briefly, then turn away, before I reveal too much. I donít want to make her uncomfortable.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I fear they may be the windows to the heart, as well. If she stares too long, she might know just how I really feel for her. She may be able to tell already. Since she has asked me to call her by her name, her magnificent name. Kathryn. My feelings shine through as I speak it. Maybe I should just tell her. Stop this wondering. But I am afraid. Afraid of being rejected. Afraid of losing my best friend. Afraid of having to spend the rest of my life with someone who will never love me.

She finishes her breakfast and rises from the table. She leaves the room for a moment, and as I watch her go, it hits me. I love her. I love everything about her. The way she walks. The way she smiles. The way she laughs. Her hair. Her lips. Oh, how I want to feel them against mine. To feel her arms around me. Just to have her near me, breathing in the very scent of her. To touch her. To entangle my hands through her hair. To feel her breath against my flesh. To love her as long as I live.

She returns to the room, having gathered her equipment, and she heads out for another day of research. Desperately searching for a cure to our seemingly incurable disease. I canít seem to get her to settle down and enjoy life here. Allow happiness to become our disease. Forget about what could have been and focus on what she has right here. Voyager is long gone, and we are here. Alone. Together. Forever.

But we donít have to be. We can be there for each other. Keep each other company. Listen to one another. Become more than what we are. I must make her see. Maybe I will tell her my true feelings. Maybe she feels the same, but is holding back for the same reasons as I am. Maybe she is afraid, too. Afraid of ruining our friendship. Our partnership. Our respect for each other.

I watch her as she enters the wooded area, going to check her traps. Still searching. My persistent Kathryn. Yes. Tonight, I will find a way to tell her. I will let her know, no matter what consequences it may bring. And maybe, just maybe, it will work. Maybe one day I will awake to find her lying next to me, in my arms. Her hair shining and eyes glistening as she smiles up at me.

In the morning light.

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