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Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, but I borrow them occasionally to let them have fun!

Summary: Just when they thought it was safe.




Kathryn groaned as the door chimed to her quarters. This certainly wasn't the most convenient time for visitors. She was already dressed in her bathrobe, hoping to take a nice long soak in her bathtub, among other things. When the doors opened to admit her devoted Vulcan security chief, she knew she was in trouble.

"What can I do for you this evening, Tuvok?"

The look on his face wasn't one that would indicate a social call. Of course, his expressions, or lack thereof, had never really indicated anything one way or the other. Nevertheless, Kathryn could tell that this concerned a matter with the ship, and she sincerely hoped that it would be brief.

"I am sorry for intruding, but I was hoping I could discuss with you..." he started, as he was quickly interrupted by another chime of the door alarm.

Kathryn crinkled her brow, wondering how she got to be the most popular crew member today. This time when the doors hissed open, Seven strode into her quarters, carrying a handful of PADDs. She briefly acknowledged the Captain and turned her attention to the security chief.

"Commander Tuvok, these specifications need your approval before tomorrow morning's briefing," she stated, holding them out.

"Thank you," he answered, taking them from her grasp. "I will meet you in Astrometrics at 0630 tomorrow morning."

Seven nodded her head. "Good evening, Captain," she said, turning to leave. As she exited the doorway, she nearly collided with Tom Paris, who was passing by.

"Hey, just who I was looking for," he said, stopping outside the Captain's door. "Some of us are getting together for a few games of pool at Sandrine's tonight. It'd be great if you could join us," Tom continued, motioning to the three of them.

Before any of them could answer, B'Elanna and Harry walked up. "I've been trying to find Chakotay to ask him to join us at Sandrine's. Have any of you seen..."

Before B'Elanna could finish, a voice danced out of the Captain's bedroom.

"Kathryn, the water's ready," Chakotay called, and the conversation at her doorway screeched to a halt as every eye turned to see him entering the room.

The shock was evident on his face as Chakotay found himself facing the senior staff...wearing nothing more than a towel. He almost began to laugh at the expressions he saw before him. Tuvok and Seven both had their right eyebrows raised. Very typical, he thought to himself. Harry was flabbergasted, his mouth gaped open. B'Elanna kept blinking in disbelief. Tom, of course, had a huge grin on his face, on the verge of laughter himself.

"I...didn't know you I'll...ummm...wait for you in here," Chakotay finally said, stumbling over Kathryn's boots as he disappeared around the corner.

Kathryn closed her eyes. She was silently thanking all the gods and spirits in existence that Chakotay had been covered. She could feel the blush budding out on her cheeks. There was no way possible that they could talk their way out of this one. She and Chakotay were, in every sense of the word, busted.

Kathryn turned around to face the group of spectators, taking in a deep breath. "If you would all excuse me, I have other matters to attend to. I'll see you on the bridge in the morning," she said quietly, smiling as she motioned for everyone to leave. As the doors shut behind them, Kathryn could hear Tom cackling.

So much for their little secret.

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