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Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, but I borrow them occasionally to let them have fun!

Summary: Kathryn meets up with her *real* true love.


Just Another Day In Fair Haven

"I'm glad to see you've finally got this program up and running, Tom," Harry commented as he strolled onto the streets of Fair Haven. "We've been deprived of this place for far too long."

"Yeah, it took a lot of work. I practically spent all my free time tweaking things, but I think things are now somewhat back to normal."

"Tommy, my boy!" Seamus yelled, racing across the street to meet them.

"Maybe *too* much," Harry laughed.

After Tom had given Seamus his very last shilling, they continued down the street towards Sullivan's Pub, bidding their hellos to all the familiar faces.

"So, have you told the Captain that everything is functional again? You know, she does have a certain *interest* in this program," Harry said, tipping his hat to Maggie as they passed her on the street.

"I think she already knows," Tom replied, his attention turned to the park bench nearby.

He could clearly see Captain Janeway, dressed in the 19th century garb. She was seated across from a doubt, Michael Sullivan...but then Tom really wasn't so sure, as the man's back was turned towards him. But he could tell that they were having a great time, since she was smiling and laughing...and holding his hands.

When she leaned in to place a gentle kiss on his lips, something caught Tom's eye. If that truly *was* Michael Sullivan, the Captain had definitely been tampering with his programming again. His thoughts were interrupted by Harry's hand waving in front of his face.

"TOM! Didn't your folks ever teach you that it's not polite to stare?", he asked, grabbing Tom by the arm and tugging.

"Wait a minute, Harry," Tom protested, craning his neck to get a better look at the Captain's suitor. "I don't think that's Michael over there...those ears look very familiar..."

Harry grumbled as he pulled Tom along behind him, leading him around the next street corner. "Well, even if it's not him, it's still none of our business. Besides, who else would the Captain come here to see if not..."

"Michael!" Tom yelped as he suddenly found himself face-to-face with the famed Irish barkeeper.

"Hello fellas! Lovely day, isn't it?" he said, patting each of them on the arm. Tom and Harry were speechless as they stood with their mouths gaped open.

"What's the got yer tongue?"

Harry ribbed Tom sharply with his elbow, to which Tom began sputtering out a response.

"Yeah...I mean...lovely day...yeah..."

Michael gave them both a confused, but humorous look. "Well, when you decide which it is, let me know." He started chuckling, walking between them. He stopped momentarily, and turned back in their direction. "You fellas haven't seen Katie O'Claire, by chance?"

"Not with you...I mean...not lately," Tom blurted out. Harry began to shake his head in frustration.

"Thanks...I think," Michael said, as he continued on his way.

Tom and Harry watched him for a few moments, then, glancing in each other's direction, made a mad dash towards the bench where the Captain had been spotted only moments ago.

"Damn! They're gone!" Tom spat, turning around in circles trying to see if he could spot her in the crowd.

"Look! There they are!" Harry shouted, already sprinting in their direction. Tom's curiosity had suddenly peaked his own interest.

The Captain and her suitor disappeared behind the stable, unaware that they were being followed. Their pursuers stopped short of racing around the corner after them, choosing to hide behind a stack of hay bales. Tom pressed a finger to his lips, signaling for Harry to keep quiet so they could hear them talking.

"Do you think Michael saw us?" the man said, his voice sounding strangely familiar to the eavesdroppers.

"I don't think so. I certainly don't want my 'diversion tactic' to get us busted," she responded, clearly out of breath.

"Too late," Tom whispered, stifling a laugh as Harry motioned for him to stay quiet.

"Speaking of diversions," the man said, his voice growing husky. "...why don't you divert those lovely lips right here?"

"By all means," she answered, her voice now deep and sultry.

Tom and Harry both were stunned to hear the heavy breathing and deep moans wafting from around the building.

"Wow! I never knew the Captain could be so....passionate!"

"Or so..."

Harry's comment was cut short by the shrill sound of a comm signal.

"Commander Chakotay. Please report to the bridge."

The sounds of passion diminished. Both of their jaws hit the ground when they heard the even more distinct sound of a comm badge being accessed.

"I'm on my way."

"Do you think Tuvok knows just when things are heating up between us?" Kathryn whispered, threading her fingers through his hair. He took her hand and placed a few delicate kisses into her palm.

"All I need is your permission to accidentally depressurize the shuttle bay one day with him would only take a minute," Chakotay responded, kissing her lips again. "I'd better go before anyone gets suspicious."

Tom and Harry quickly ran to the front of the stable as Chakotay stepped slowly around the corner, searching for any on-lookers. Not seeing anyone, he quickly took leave of the holodeck. Shortly afterward, they heard the Captain's dress rustling as she shuffled down the street. They both breathed a sigh of relief. Their presence had gone unnoticed.

"I just don't believe it," Harry stated as they resumed their original course, walking once again towards the pub. "I wonder how long this has been going on...I mean, just a few weeks ago, I thought she was madly in love with Michael."

Tom shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows? But you *do* know what this means, don't you?" he said, rubbing his hands together.

"No, what?"

"Yes Mr. Paris. Please tell us what this all means."

Tom and Harry froze. They couldn't mistake that voice. Slowly, they turned around and found themselves facing the deadly gaze of one Captain Kathryn Janeway.

"C..C...Captain! I didn't know you were visiting Fair Haven on this...this...beautiful day!" Tom stuttered, his face turning a bright shade of red.

"Of course, you didn't," she replied, a slight edge to her voice. Kathryn moved to stand between them, slipping her hands between both of their arms.

"Come along, gentlemen, and join me for a drink. We need to discuss what you did...or rather, *did not* see this afternoon."

Tom and Harry gulped. They were both in deep trouble now.

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