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Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters, but I let them have a good time!

Summary: My very first attempt at writing J/C fanfic!! I added a few extra touches to the scene from "Scorpion" when Chakotay tells Kathryn that she will never be alone. This scene occurs when Tuvok decided to tell a joke and ignored his station for a moment.



Kathryn placed her hand on his chest just over his heart, letting him know that she appreciated his full support and trust. It felt good to know that someone would always be on her side. She smiled up into his warm, brown eyes, wanting this moment to go on forever.

Just then, Chakotay reached up and placed both of his hands over hers and pressed lightly. It was his way of letting her know that this was where she would always remain. Within his heart. He returned her smile, gazing deeply into her cool, blue eyes.

Chakotay then took her hand into his own, and raised it, palm facing him, to his lips. He planted a light kiss on each of her fingertips. His eyes never left hers.

Kathryn watched as he kissed her fingers, relishing in the sensation buzzing through her body with each delicate kiss. She moved closer, and reached up with her free hand to lightly brush her fingers across his tattoo.

Fire raced through his body at her touch. Never had he imagined that she would return the feelings he had been holding in for years. Now, he knew that the moment was right. He wanted to show her how much he loved her. He wanted to hold her in his arms forever. Breaking her gaze, his kiss moved down to the pulse point on her wrist.

Kathrynís hand moved down from his tattoo to caress his cheek, feeling the heat emanating from his body. He broke the kiss on her left hand and once again looked into her eyes. She ran her fingers across his lips, amazed at their softness. She wanted to kiss them, feel them against hers. She moved even closer.

Chakotay brought both of his hands up to gently cup her face. He pulled their faces so close that they could feel each otherís shortened breath. Her hands had slipped down to his waist in an effort to steady herself for the one thing she had been longing for. He tipped his head, and bent in to touch her lips to his.

Breep..."Tuvok to Janeway."

They both jumped, breaking their intimate embrace. Kathryn felt the blush rush into her cheeks, bringing her hands up to cover them. Chakotay could see the tears forming in her eyes. Tears of regret. Tears of joy. He wasnít quite sure. Finally, she answered Tuvokís hail.

"Janeway here."

"You may want to come to the bridge. I think we have found something."

"On my way." Kathryn reached up to wipe away the tear that threatened to fall. She had to regain her composure before stepping onto the bridge. She looked up at him, wanting to say something, give him an apology, anything. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, Chakotay took both of her hands, enveloping them within his own.

"Itís OK. Weíll have another time," he said, pausing to reach up and brush away another tear from her cheek. "Youíve given me more than I ever dreamed. Come on, letís go see what Tuvok has found," he whispered, hoping to ease her fears. He gave her another one of his beautiful smiles, the one that melted her every time.

Yes, there would be another time, she thought, nodding in agreement. He released her hands, and gestured for her to lead the way, placing a hand on the small of her back briefly before the doors opened. They stepped onto the bridge, both feeling some peace, knowing that their relationship had reached a new level.

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