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Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, but I borrow them occasionally to let them have fun!

Summary:It's Kathryn's birthday...what harm could come from receiving a little gift?


A Gift Worth Giving

"Happy Birthday, Kathryn," Chakotay said, handing her a small, decoratively wrapped box.

"Oh, you shouldn't have!" she commented, quickly taking the package from his hands before he got the urge to take it away. "What is this?"

"It's a gift...generally given to someone for them to open..."

"Just what we need...another comedian!" She tore the iridescent bow from the box, and gasped as she opened it to view the contents. "'s beautiful!"

She pulled the pendant from the box, watching the tiny silver replica of her ship dangle from the chain. "Thank you. I absolutely love it." Her eyes caught his adoring gaze. "Almost as much as I love you."

Leaning over, she placed a gentle kiss against his lips, to which he hesitantly responded. When Kathryn pulled back, she noticed the confusion on his face. "What's wrong?" she asked, watching the errant motion of his eyes scanning the room around them. Chakotay then offered her a simple smile.

"Um...Captain, I hate to have to point this out...but we *are* on the Bridge."

Kathryn was speechless as she too, began to look around at all the surprised faces. One grinning ensign, a smirking helmsman, and a disturbed-looking Vulcan, eyebrow fully cocked.

"Oh, damn," she swore, settling back into her chair. Another secret was out.

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