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There's no question about it...these two belong together! Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay were a match made in heaven...or at least, on New Earth! Unfortunately for all of us dreamers, TPTB will never let them get together, so we have to make up our own stories. And what fun I have doing that! So take a look around and see what all the fuss is about.

Just a word of caution...I'm not the most talented writer in the world, but I simply *had* to get this stuff out of my head <*g*>

General Disclaimer: Janeway, Chakotay, and all other things Star Trek belong solely to Paramount Pictures.
I take them out of Paramount's toybox to play occasionally, but I always put them back in one piece.
I gain absolutely *zero* profit from using Paramount's characters...other than the personal satisfaction that there *is* a way for J/C to live forever!
Oh, and did I mention that they belong to Paramount ?!?

WARNING: Please be sure to check the ratings before you proceed to read!!!

Featured Fanfic

Happy July!!

Fireworks & Fireflies
Rated PG

Tales of Love

  • Hands - MY VERY FIRST FANFIC!! What should have happened in "Scorpion"...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 5/16/1999

  • Let Him Know - Kathryn decides that it's time to tell Chakotay how she feels...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 6/5/1999

  • I Can't Make You Love Me - Set during "Timeless". Chakotay expresses himself through song...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 6/6/1999

  • In The Morning Light - Set during "Resolutions". Chakotay muses on New Earth...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 6/7/1999

  • I Can't Fight This Feeling - Chakotay can't keep his mind off of Kathryn...
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 6/24/1999

  • Blinded - An accident leaves Janeway blind and upset...
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 9/17/1999

  • Missed Opportunities - She wants him...he wants what's stopping them?
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 10/9/1999

  • What You Need To Know - Chakotay receives a very interesting message from Kathryn...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 1/8/2000

  • Karaoke Night At Sandrine's - Tom introduces the fine art of karaoke to the Voyager crew...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 1/16/2000

  • Truth Or Dare - Chakotay gets caught up in a *harmless* little game...
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 3/21/2000

  • To Never Know - Set during Resolutions. Chakotay tells Kathryn an ancient legend...
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 4/3/2000

  • Decisions - Kathryn is suddenly faced with a tough choice...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 6/24/2000

  • First Time Discoveries - Chakotay discovers something interesting about Kathryn...
    Rated R
    Date Written: 7/19/2000

  • "Muse"-ings - B'Elanna tells about her time as an Eternal...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 2/10/2001

  • Good To The Last Drop - Kathryn likes caffeinated lipstick...who else would?!?
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 3/17/2001

  • Pacing - Janeway ponders a troubling issue...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 5/1/2001

  • On The Bridge - Something very monumental takes place on the bridge...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 5/1/2001

  • Third Time - Chakotay has a big surprise for Kathryn...not exactly what she expects!
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 5/1/2001

  • Petals - Kathryn reflects on days gone by...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 5/9/2001

  • Crazy Ideas - Inspired by "Endgame". Kathryn and Chakotay discuss the purpose of and admiral's visit...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 5/12/2001

  • Three Minutes - Inspired by "Author, Author". It's Kathryn's turn to receive a communique from home...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 5/13/2001

  • Snooping Around - Set between "Equinox" & "Unimatrix Zero".
    Kathryn allows curiosity to get the best of her...
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 7/4/2001

  • Something Is Missing - Kathryn and Chakotay discuss things over dinner...
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 7/4/2001

  • Drabbles - What's a drabble, you say? Well, click here to find out!
    Various Ratings
    Date Last Updated: 3/24/2001

Need more drabbles? Then visit the JetC20 Drabbleverse or the JetC21 Sickbay, both maintained by the incomparable Sangerin!


Kathryn and Chakotay have a little secret, but the crew of Voyager is about to find out about it. How many fun ways can our favorite duo get caught?

  • Interruptions - Just when they thought it was safe...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 3/27/2000

  • Transmission - Everything is not what you see...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 3/30/2000

  • Peacefully Busted - A serene scene...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 4/5/2000

  • Just Another Day in Fair Haven - Kathryn meets up with her *real* true love...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 4/13/2000

  • Birthday Surprises - Kathryn isn't the *only* one who gets a surprise on her birthday...
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 7/10/2000

  • Memorable - The crew hears something they will never forget...
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 7/19/2000

  • Making Waves - Kathryn and Chakotay find some quality time after a shuttle crash...
    Rated R
    Date Written: 8/10/2000

  • A Gift Worth Giving - It's Kathryn's birthday again...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 1/1/2001

For more Busted fun, visit Megna's Busted Collective!

Samantha Series

Who *is* Samantha? In my world, she's the child Kathryn and Chakotay would have in their lives...if given the opportunity by TPTB!! There are many more of these stories in the works, so stay tuned!

  • To Lose Her Now - Chakotay must deal with a personal loss...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 5/18/1999

  • Captured - Kathryn's take on the events in "To Lose Her Now"...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 6/15/1999

  • Samantha Drabbles - Just a few drabbles revolving around Kathryn and Chakotay's daughter...
    Rated G
    Date Last Updated: 7/13/2000

Special Occasions

Kathryn and Chakotay take time out of their extraordinarily busy duty shifts to celebrate the holidays with their crew.

  • Fireworks & Fireflies - Kathryn and Chakotay celebrate the 4th of July...
    Rated PG
    Date Written: 7/4/2001

  • This Christmas Eve
    A small collection of J/C Christmas stories, each taking place on Christmas Eve.
    • Christmas Traditions - Kathryn and Chakotay honor Christmas' great traditions...
      Rated PG
      Date Written: 12/4/1999

    • Christmas Cheers - Kathryn partakes in too much of the Christmas spirits...
      Rated PG
      Date Written: 12/8/1999

    • Christmas Legends - Chakotay continues his legendary tale...
      Rated PG
      Date Written: 12/15/1999

    • Christmas Lights - Chakotay recreates a fond childhood memory for his family...
      Rated PG
      Date Written: 12/22/1999

    • Christmas Wishes - Kathryn wishes for a Christmas miracle...
      Rated PG
      Date Written: 1/6/2000

    • Christmas Memories - Kathryn and Chakotay remember the past...
      Rated PG
      Date Written: 1/7/2000

Challenge Responses

As a member of JetC20 and JetC21, group challenges are to be expected. Here are a few of my attempts at replying to those challenges.

  • Heat of the Night - A JetC20 challenge involving Janeway and Chakotay having to deal with heat.
    Rated NC-17
    Date Written: 7/23/1999

  • Keep The Fire Burning - A JetC20 challenge using an unbroken sequence of sentences.
    Rated PG-13
    Date Written: 11/20/1999

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